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Korliss Marshall Officially Done As An Arkansas Razorback

We knew this was most likely the case, but now it's over.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When Bret Bielema announced Korliss Marshall's suspension after the Georgia game he said Marshall had one more chance to remain on the team, and if he didn't it would be one of the saddest stories of Bielema's career.

So when Marshall was suspended beginning with the Ole Miss game, we all knew it was likely over, and Bielema said as much after the game. Today, Bielema made it definitive in an interview with ESPN.

"He'll never be with us again," he told Alex Scarborough. "He's never going to have the opportunity to play for the Razorbacks again, but hopefully this will be a steppingstone to something in the right direction instead of the wrong direction."

"I know we both shed a tear when it happened," he said. "But the biggest thing is he needs to learn from it and move forward."

Few players on the team were as hyped from the end of the 2013 season into 2014 as Marshall, who was most frequently associated with the descriptor "explosive" throughout the year. He showcased his talent in bits of playing time as a freshmen and in probably the team's biggest plays in the public scrimmages during spring practice and preseason camp, including some big runs in the Spring Game.

He did average 4.76 yards per carry this season over 25 carries and ran a kickoff back for a touchdown against Northern Illinois, but he was never able to stay on the field enough to be the equal to Jonathan Williams and Alex Collins, who were promoted as a "1A, 1B, 1C" trio before the season began.

Bielema said in the ESPN piece they're looking at other schools for Marshall to go to, as well as possibly looking at the Canadian Football League.