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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: December 16

Ole Miss crashes and burns along with other happenings around the league in this week's SEC Basketball Power Rankings.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 12-0, RPI 1, LW: 1

After moving up to number one in the RPI, they are now number one in all polls, but stay last in our hearts.

T-2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 7-2, RPI 12, LW: T-2

The Hogs move up slightly into the 2A spot on my ballot after they beat a Dayton team who returned two of its top three scorers from last year's Elite Eight team. I simply don't understand all the negativity towards the program right now. Can you believe that? The "Negative Nancy" or "Debbie Downer" of Arkansas media is saying a lot of y'all are being too negative. Yes, Clemson was a debacle, but this team already has a road win. While Clemson isn't a great team, let's look at some HOME losses other SEC teams have to keep this in perspective: Charleston Southern, Western Kentucky, Old Dominion, Clemson, Coastal Carolina, UMKC. See, a road loss to Clemson ain't as bad as those losses. If the Hogs tank in Athens in their first SEC game of the season, then we can get a little negative.

T-2. LSU Tigers, 7-2, RPI 15, LW: T-2

They're still not blowing people out. A 13 point victory over Sam Houston State leaves a little to be desired, considering Arkansas beat Dayton by 14.

4. Alabama Crimson Tide, 6-2, RPI 18, LW: 5

This week, they have a huge road opportunity at Wichita State. I have no belief they will win, but it would be nice if they could keep it close.

5. Texas A&M Aggies, 7-2, RPI 45, LW: 6

I can't believe I'm going to write this, but if they win out in the non-conference (@ Kansas State, Mercer, Hartford) I like their chances of making the NCAA Tournament*.

6. Georgia Bulldogs, 5-3, RPI 51, LW: 9

It's going to be interesting to see how they respond after taking literally two weeks off. Their last game was a Dec. 7 win over Colorado and they don't play again until Dec. 21 vs. Seton Hall.

7. Florida Gators, 6-4, RPI 116, LW: 7

Y'all remember me preaching all last season about how bad wins against 300+ RPI teams are. Florida has two of those wins and Louisana-Monroe is boarder line at 299 right now. That has destroyed their RPI.

8. South Carolina Gamecocks, 5-3, RPI 77, LW: 8

They stay put at eight after being idle since thumping Oklahoma State on Dec.6.

9. Tennessee Volunteers, 4-3, RPI 86, LW: 12

A win over Butler last week gave them almost a 100 point jump in the RPI.

10. Vanderbilt Commodores, 6-2, RPI 99, LW: 11

Kevin Stallings got a nice win over his alma mater Purdue last week.

11. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 5-3, RPI 74, LW: 10

They drop one spot after a loss at Oregon State.

12. Ole Miss Rebels, 6-3, RPI 90, LW: 4

That giant fart noise you hear is Ole Miss losing their third home game of the season. This time they lost to Western Kentucky.

13. Missouri Tigers, 5-5, RPI 127, LW: 13

It will be interesting to see how much Illinois beats them by this weekend.

14. Auburn Tigers, 3-5, RPI 125, LW: 14

You have to go all the way back to Nov. 26 to find the last time they won a basketball game.