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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: December 10

A lot of changes in the power rankings this week, with one team making a huge jump.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats 9-0, RPI 2, LW: 1

Big Blue has defeated Kansas and Texas by a combined 44 points, and those are suppose to be the best two teams in the Big 12.

T-2. LSU Tigers, 6-2, RPI 16, LW: 10

There are two reason the Tigers pounced so high in the rankings this week. First, they got two RPI top 50 wins against UMass and at West Virginia last week. Second, this whole conference, besides Kentucky, is so fickle there isn't much separating these teams.

T-2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 6-2, RPI 20, LW: 2

I couldn't drop the Hogs, because there is nowhere to drop them. Despite the face-palm loss at Clemson, I couldn't drop them because every SEC team, besides Kentucky, has a face-palm loss like that. While the "Let Down at Little John" had me livid, it's not time to hit the panic button. Remember, a lot of these guys won AT KENTUCKY last season, and already won at SMU this season.

4. Ole Miss Rebels, 6-2, RPI 46, LW: 5

If they hadn't lost to Charleston Southern to start the season, they would have sole possession of second place in the Power Rankings. For now, that's basically saying you're a 1-seed in the NIT.

5. Alabama Crimson Tide, 5-2, RPI 22, LW: 3

Another team that could have been in second place if they hadn't lost last week (at Xavier), but they are a little different than the other teams. They have no bad losses, but their best wins are South Florida and Arizona St (two very average power conference teams).

6.  Texas A&M Aggies, 6-1, RPI 59, LW: 9

They are 6-1 playing a non-conference strength of schedule ranked 210. It's hard to tell how improved they will be.

7. Florida Gators, 4-4, RPI 85, LW: 4

It's tough to judge the Gators because they don't have any bad losses, but past Gator teams would have won at least one of those games. However, they did beat Yale last week by almost 30. Why is that significant? Yale defeated defending National Champion UConn last week.

8. South Carolina Gamecocks, 5-3, RPI 64, LW: 12

Believe it or not, they beat the pants off of Oklahoma State (75-49) last week. I can't believe Travis Ford still has a job after that.

9. Georgia Bulldogs, 5-3, RPI 62, LW: 7

The Bulldogs didn't have a bad week, with wins over Chattanooga and Colorado, just a few people beneath them had better weeks.

10. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 5-2, RPI 71, LW: 6

They showed their true colors with a loss at Tulane last week.

11. Vanderbilt Commodores, 5-2, RPI 178, LW: 8

A win over Baylor would have been huge for them, but a 3-point loss is what's expected.

12. Tennessee Volunteers, 3-3, RPI 173, LW: 11

I wonder when they will want to hire Cuonzo Martin back?

13. Missouri Tigers, 4-4, RPI 157, LW: 13

They laugh at Arkansas' road woes under Mike Anderson, but their Coach Anderson lost a home game to UMKC.

14. Auburn Tigers, 3-4, RPI 142, LW: 14

After going 0-2 last week against Texas Tech and Coastal Carolina, I wonder if their season ticket holders have put the rest of their tickets on StubHub yet.