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Reasons to Hate

Arkansas is off again, but hate doesn't take Bye Weeks

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It's a bye week, and with no opponent to hate on Saturday, we turn our attention to the teams not on the schedule for the season.

Reasons to Hate

1. Florida. Florida will have an interesting record at the end of the season. If you recall, Florida's season opener against Idaho was delayed due to thunderstorms and then cancelled after one long kickoff return.  The Gators are one win down when it comes to getting bowl eligible, and they paid nearly $1 million to Idaho for a game that never happened. The Gators are sitting at 4-3 and should be favored in every non-Florida State game to close out the season even without the rain cancelled game.  They did use the non-game as a chance to say that Demarcus Robinson, Darious Cummings, and Jay-nard Bostwick severd their suspensions.  If the game isn't in the W or L column I don't think you should use that as a suspension, and for that, we hate you.

2. Kentucky. I'm going to hold off on Kentucky until it's basketball season for any REAL hate.  The Wildcats are 5-4, after starting off with a red hot 5-1 record.  In the midst of a 3 game losing streak, I'm predicting the Wildcats to lose their next 15 SEC football games, to make Arkansas feel better about their current 17 game losing streak.

3. South Carolina. Ahhh now this is a team, I'm excited to talk about.  Preseason #9 South Carolina, started the season with a fail.  At 4-5 they've extremely underperformed. I did kinda feel bad for the Ol' Ball Coach, until I heard he's been telling his coaching staff to "Shake it Off" like Taylor Swift.  Now, TSwift and I didn't have a beef, until she started trying to label me as a hater just because I hate, hate, hate.  Anyway, I don't hate that song, but I hate how easily it gets stuck in my head.  I hate South Carolina for coming off the schedule this season.  52-7 isn't a number I'm going to forget when the Gamecocks roll back around.

4. Tennessee. Tennessee is the WORST.  THE WORST!  They have terrible line play, and they STILL have an SEC win this season before the Razorbacks got one.  The last time Arkansas played Tennessee, was a nice win in 2011, that quite possibly had one of the most electrifying plays in Arkansas Football history.  That doesn't pertain to any of my  points, but it's always a nice lift to watch Joe Adams make guys look silly.  Tennessee has technically been bad longer than we have, but they benefit from playing in the East.  Seriously though. Rocky Top is the worst.  Tennessee is the worst.

5. Vanderbilt. Vandy and Arkansas are the only teams left that are winless in the SEC this season, but at least Arkansas didn't get housed by Temple.  Watch Vanderbilt go out and beat Florida this weekend while Arkansas isn't playing, just so people have another reason to laugh and point.  Vanderbilt is one of those teams that's terrible every year until they see Arkansas on the schedule, and then they decide to be good. Forget you Vandy!  Everyone says Arkansas could win other conferences, but with you guys, they might say "Vanderbilt is in the bottom of the east in the SEC, but they would be a low to middling team in the American Conference".

6. Scheduling. I just listed these teams in the order they currently appear in the SEC East standings.  The two teams ranked 1 and 2 in the East are Georgia and Mizzou.  With the current tiebreaker format in the SEC West, having these two teams as our opponents would greatly benefit the Hogs were they in any danger of being in a 3 team tie for the SEC West title, but alas, Arkansas carries an awesome tiebreaker for a tie that will never happen.  The Hogs are doomed to play strong SEC East contenders this season, and find them selves with SEC East pretenders when they do get in a tie someday.  Watch it happen.