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SEC POWER Rankings: Week 10

November is proving to be a scary time for SEC teams. Two contenders are done and one more narrowly escaped.

Streeter Lecka

Here's the Arkansas Fight ballot for's weekly SEC Rankings. Last week was the first time voters came to a consensus No. 1 SEC team that wasn't from the state of Alabama in years. Check out the poll which is always published on Tuesdays, but if you want the most objective possible, yet a little Arkansas-biased, rankings, then keep reading below.

1) Mississippi State (8-0, 5-0 SEC) Last week: 1- Dan Mullen's squad will hold the top spot in the country only by the hair on his Cousin Eddie chinny-chin-chin. After Brandon Allen completed what looked to be like a pick to Hunter Henry I said I was nervous he was gaining TOO much confidence in his arm. Welp...

2) Auburn (7-1, 4-1) LW: 3- Murphy's Law does not apply on the Plains.  Auburn is the anti-Arkansas. They play with 12 men on the field, gain a first down on the play and score to take the lead in the third quarter on this drive.

3) Alabama (7-1, 4-1) LW 2- On a bye week as they prepare for a brutal remaining schedule: at LSU and hosting Mississippi State and Auburn over the next month

4) LSU (7-2, 3-2) LW: 6- The SEC went all in on the upcoming Alabama-LSU game, giving both teams a bye the week before the game.

5) Ole Miss (7-2, 4-2) LW: 4- As bad as some of the Arkansas losses have been, the Rebels may have lost the game in one of the worst imaginable ways. Laquon Treadwell heir top offensive threat fumbles just outside the end zone on what would have been the go-ahead score. Treadwell not only fumbled but had his ankle destroyed and will be out the rest of the season. The loss effectively ends any shot at the playoffs for the Rebels, too.

I highly reccomend this read from SBNation's Steven Godfrey on the play

6) Georgia (6-2, 4-2) LW: 5- Freshman sensation Nick Chubb went and caught himself a case of the fumbles, the defense forgot how to defend the run, and even the special teams had its miscues. Here's the Florida fake field goal which tied the game early.

7) Arkansas (4-5, 0-5)  LW: 7- Forget bashing our heads against the walls about when that elusive win will come. Here's my question to you... Had the Razorbacks scored, would you have gone for two, attempting to end the game without overtime?

8) Texas A&M (6-3, 2-3) LW: 8 -Escaping Louisiana-Monroe without your starting quarterback is no laughing matter in these parts.

9) Missouri (7-2, 4-1) LW: 11- The Tigers are in the driver's seat to defend their SEC East title after the Georgia loss. Gary Pinkle's reaction is an all-timer.

10) Florida (4-3, 3-3) LW: 12- Now Gator legend Michael McNeely could be more famous now for his bagging abilities than his rushing skills, as he was back to work on Sunday after excecuting the perfect fake field goal (see the UGA ranking).

11) Kentucky (5-4, 2-4) LW: 10- Back-to-back losses to the SEC division leaders Mississippi State and Missouri is business as usual.

12) Tennessee (4-5, 1-4) LW: 12- Good for you, Butch. Way to make the comeback and earn an SEC road win. We can only dream accomplishing such things.

13) South Carolina (4-5, 2-5) LW: 9- It's hard to blame Spurrier for giving only a 56-second postgame presser after blowing a two-score lead with five minutes to go. It was the team's fourth loss in five games. How many more games before Bert displays a similar performance? As fast as Bert talks he could probably shave it down to a swift 45 seconds.

14) Vanderbilt (3-6, 0-5) LW: 14- Vandy won again for the second time in three weeks. Granted both wins were over FCS schools and Old Dominion dropped 28 points on the Dores, but who cares? Vandy wins again! It's still not quite enough to rise from the SEC POWER Rankings basement.