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SEC Basketball Power Rankings: Thanksgiving Edition

SEC Basketball Power Rankings are back and they've already got #SECBasketballFever

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky Wildcats, 5-0.

Easily, they are the best team in the country so far. Most of the country think that they can beat the Philadelphia  76ers.

2. Arkansas Razorbacks, 3-0.

It feels good to be able to legitimately put the Hogs back near the top of the conference where they belong. A tough road test at SMU tonight will tell us more about how this team will handle road games this season. Most impressive stat for the Hogs so far: they lead the country in assists per game with 23.

(Writer's note: Everyone below these two teams are plagued with #SECBasketballFever and are highly contagious. Continue reading with caution.)

3. Florida Gators, 2-1.

Honestly, I don't know why I still have the Gators this high. They lost at home to The U and had to go to overtime with a basketball team from Louisiana (Louisiana-Monroe). Maybe the rest of the conference is just that bad. This could be the year the Razorbacks get their first win in Gainesville since 1995.

4. Georgia Bulldogs, 3-1.

It's a win-or-find-another-job year for Mark Fox. They have a solid non-conference slate with game vs. Colorado, Seton Hall, Gonzaga and Kansas State left on the schedule. The Bulldogs have to win some of those games to help give the SEC some national respect.

5. Ole Miss Rebels, 3-1.

Jarvis Summers is the only reason I have the Rebels this high. They lost to Charleston Southern to start the season *fart noise*, but they have a chance against Creighton coming up to prove themselves.

6. Alabama Crimson Tide, 3-1.

Another team who's coach is on a win-or-find-another-job season, the Tide only lost to Iowa State by 10 at home. I guess that performance is good enough for 6th in the conference.

7. Tennessee Volunteers, 1-1.

They just had two assistant coaches resign, likely due to the NCAA investigation going on at Southern Miss, where this coaching staff came from.  How little do people care about Tennessee basketball? When I went to Tennessee's basketball page on ESPN, a Butch Jones press conference played.

8. Vanderbilt Commodores, 3-0.

I don't know what to make out of these guys yet. With wins over a D-II school, Lipscomb, and Tennessee State, there isn't really anything to judge them on.

9. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 4-0.

They ain't played nobody, but they're 4-0. I'm sure they will slide downwards as the season continues.

10. Texas A&M, 3-1.

That nine-point win over College of Charleston was so impressive that I decided to put them 10th.

11. LSU Tigers, 3-2.

Home losses to Old Dominion and Clemson makes me worry that the Tigers may be the second team to die of #SECBasketballFever this season.

12. Missouri Tigers, 3-2

My, my, my how far they have fallen. They opened the season with a loss at home to instate powerhouse - and apparently now the state's flagship basketball institution - University of Missouri-Kansas City.

13. South Carolina Gamecocks, 2-3

They lead the league in the loss category with losses to Baylor, Charlotte, and Akron.

14. Auburn Tigers, 2-2.

We have gathered here to lay to rest the Auburn men's basketball program after it tragically succumbed to #SECBasketballFever when it scored a grand total of 35 points against Tulsa. Yes, they averaged less than one point per minute against the ever incompetent Frank Haith. Unless they beat Kentucky this season, they may stay at 14 the rest of the season just to shame them for that 35 point performance.