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SEC POWER Rankings: Week 13

Hogs rise, Rebs fall... and then there's the East.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The argument can be made for every West team being ranked (POWERFULLY) above any team from the East. If Arkansas earns their third SEC win in the last two years on Saturday, that statement will come to fruition. For now,

1) Alabama (Last week: 1)- The Tide let West Carolina stick around a little longer than expected. The Catamounts pulled within three points at the 10:41 mark in the second. Unfortunately for them, those were their final points scored while allowing Alabama 31 more.

2) Mississippi State (LW: 2)- The Bulldogs also hosted an FCS err... FBS foe, Vanderbilt, and proceeded to demolish any inclination that there might be a even a sniff of a hangover after their loss to Alabama.

3) Georgia (LW: 3)- Charleston Southern never posed a threat the the Dawgs, but next week could be a different story. Georgia Tech comes to Athens and could make it interesting against a team with a suspect run defense.

4) Auburn (LW:  6)- Again another SEC team handled an FCS team with ease. The storyline coming out of The Plains was that this could have been Samford coach, 1971 Heisman Trophy winner and former Auburn quarterback Pat Sullivan's last game as a head coach. Sullivan, who is the winningest coach in Samford history, could be forced to retire because of health issues.

5) Missouri (LW: 6)- After surviving two straight weeks on the road the Tigers have to be ready to play in front of a friendly crowd in Columbia. Style points don't matter here, as Mizzou needs only one more win to defend their SEC East title.

6) Arkansas (LW: 8)- What else can be said that has been said already? The Hogs defense has put together a more impressive two week stretch than any other since joining the SEC. It's a legitimate top-flight unit in the conference.

7) Ole Miss (LW: 4)- Remeber when not having Laquon Treadwelll and Denzel Nkemdiche wasn't a big deal? That's still comical.

8) LSU (LW: 8)- After the last two weeks, the Tigers earned their second week off in a month. They will travel to College Station on Thanksgiving to start a new rivalry game.

9) Texas A&M (LW: 9)- Have fun with that new rivalry, Aggies. I know one thing. Your trophy won't look as good as The Golden Boot.

10) Tennessee (LW: 10)- The Vols were unable to complete the comeback with a pair of unsuccessful onsides attempts late in the fourth. Joshua "Astronaut" Dobbs came back to earth after an performance over Kentucky last week. Dobbs was sacked six times and had a pick and lost a fumble.

11) South Carolina (LW: 11)- The Gamecocks season has been a disappointment but can be made right with a sixth connsecutive win over Clemson this weekend.

12) Florida (LW: 13)- Does Muschamp coach the bowl game? There's some booster out there that will give him a dime or two if he can muster up the defense that stops Florida State from coming back on Saturday.

13) Kentucky (LW: 12)- Kentucky was off this week in preparation for their rivalry game with Louisville.

14) Vanderbilt (LW: 14)- State's coach Dan Mullen said he felt sorry for the 'Dores and didn't want to run up the score in the most PC way possible during his postgame presser. That's some true sympathy coming from a team who wouldn't be hurt by a few style points.