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Reasons to Hate: Ole Miss

If there's one thing I hate, it's taking a step back. Let's get our hate in order, to make sure that doesn't happen this week.

Looking Sassy Dale!
Looking Sassy Dale!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It's the first time this season Arkansas has had back to back games in Fayetteville, and oh yeah, it's the first time this season Arkansas is coming off of an SEC win, and even when I'm happy about both of those things, I just can't stop the Hate!

Reasons to Hate

1. Reversal of Fortune. In 2011, Arkansas was a top 5 team during the regular season, and Ole Miss went 0-8 in SEC play.  In 2013, Arkansas went 0-8 in SEC play, and Ole Miss had risen to top 5 in the country during the 2014 season.  It's been bad for the Hogs and good for the Rebels.  It's very interesting to see a team go from a former Arkansas Coach to a former Arkansas State Coach and see a bump in improvement, and that bump has really coincided with the turnaround in Oxford and has taken Ole Miss to some of the greatest heights the program has ever seen.

2. Houston Nutt. If there's one thing that Arkansas and Ole Miss can agree on it's the hate for Houston Nutt.  How in the world did this guy get paid that much money?  How in the world did this charlatan pull the wool over our eyes for so long?  It makes me wonder how dumb the Rebels had to be to think that Houston was going to be their salvation.  Maybe it's because Nutt was 7-3 against Ole Miss during his time at Arkansas.  "I mean if this guy can coach a team through 7 overtimes, he's gotta be a good coach...." For the record our fellow SB Nation brethren at Red Cup Rebellion also hate Houston Nutt.

3. One Good Year. Speaking of Nutt, remember his "FIFTY!" rant toward the end of his Ole Miss tenure? He tried to remind the Rebel faithful that they've sucked most of their existence and they should appreciate even the tiniest bit of success. But the slightest bit of good fortune and they're all "Of course we're great. We're Ole Miss." They're still the only team from the West never to make it to Atlanta.

4. Hotty Toddy. Too easy.

5. Katy Perry. Your no-talent fan base hasn't produced anyone of interest (that didn't play football) since William Faulkner, and oh shucks, he didn't have a concert in Memphis that weekend, so you left it open to Katy Perry invading college gameday.... Okay, after I wrote that, I watched this gif for like an hour, and I'm now suddenly okay with the Rebel Black Bears and Katy Perry on Gameday... Damn you  Katy Perry.

6. Charleston Southern. SMH.

7. Landshark.

Looks can deceive. Looked good in the bottle. Poured nicely into my regular glass... Foamed up nicely, foam flattened out at a good rate. The color was very agreeable.

Smells and tastes less than good. Almost putrid/skunky but not quite. I can taste peanuts in it... which do not mesh with the standard beer-notes.

It is possible I had a bad bottle so I will review again next time I do an all-sorts pack from the market.

Okay, so this is a review of landshark from from CrossDresserBoozeHound. Landshark isn't the worst beer, but I could think of better beers to name your defense after, that don't require a lime.  In the comments I want you to review some aspect of Ole Miss and give it a rating out of 5.

8. The Grove. (from Doc) Ole Miss has made a name for itself just from their ability to plant tents under trees on campus and hang a chandelier while eating food and/or drinking. You're more likely to hear that GameDay went to The Grove last month instead of GameDay going to Ole Miss. It's bigger than the program, and The Grove isn't even that big. The War Memorial golf course is 9x the size of The Grove but UA hasn't made an effort to promote it anywhere near the scale Ole Miss has with The Grove. But know this: The Grove is overrated. War Memorial's golf course is better, but it won't ever get the attention The Grove gets and that makes me rage.