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Arkansas Razorbacks In Preseason NCAA Tournament Bracketology Projections

It's turned out that trying to reach the NCAA Tournament is not the goal for his Razorback team, it's the minimum expectation.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Most every preseason bracketology we could find includes Arkansas, but with a variation of different seeds.

Joe Lunardi released his preseason projections on ESPN today and has the Hogs as a 9-seed in a dreaded 8/9 matchup against Kansas State. The winner would likely play Wisconsin in the 2nd Round under his scenario.

On, Jerry Palm has the Razorbacks as a 10-seed facing Utah in the first round, the winner of which would probably face Kansas.

Arkansas is an 11-seed in the USA Today version. The Hogs would take on Nebraska in the first round if that plays out.

The publication highest on the Hogs is Sports Illustrated. They have the Razorbacks picked 28th in the nation and a 7-seed in the Tournament.

So there you go. Arkansas is anywhere from a 7-seed to an 11-seed in these projections. All this means is that trying to fill out the bracket before the season begins is foolish. They don't update these as frequently in the beginning of the season as they do later in the year, so it may be until December before we get another update. But regardless, the Razorbacks are certainly getting a decent amount of respect heading into the year.