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Reasons to Hate: LSU

It's not hard to hate. Just look at anything purple and gold and then do what comes naturally.

Chris Graythen

Many fans circled LSU at the beginning of the season as a team the Razorbacks might be able to use in their path towards bowl eligibility.  Others have circled this game with a big red marker, and then written a few four letter words around it.  Then they burned an effigy of Les Miles and spit some grass out of their mouth (because who eats that).  The hate comes easily during LSU week, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun to talk about it.

Reasons to Hate

1. Jennings. If you recall, Jennings orchestrated a 99 yard touchdown drive, including a 45 yard touchdown to Travon Dural (don't skip out on hating this guy, he's 4th in the SEC in receiving yards per game).  That 4th quarter touchdown drive gave the Tigers a 4 point lead and the win on a day when the Hogs dominated through three quarters.  If you're going to have THAT moment, why does it always have to be against the Hogs, and then why do you have to suck after that?  C'mon Man!

During this season, Anthony Jennings has battled freshman Brandon Harris for the starting QB job at LSU.  He's been pedestrian at best, and ranks 12th out of 14 starting quarterbacks in the SEC in passer rating (He is better than Jeff Driskel and Maty Mauk... theoretically).  Jennings continues a great tradition of players that have overperformed against the Hogs and then looked terrible for the rest of their career.

2. Thanksgiving Tradition. LSU AD Joe Alleva is hated among Arkansas fans for begging the SEC powers that be to schedule Texas A&M as a Thanksgiving week rivalry game for LSU.  Since joining the SEC until this year, Arkansas traditionally ended the season against LSU since and we liked it. It became the closest thing we've had to a rivalry since leaving the SWC - at least on our side of the border. Several classic games with high stakes on the line - especially since 2002 - made the last weekend of the season something Hog fans greatly looked forward to.

But LSU didn't feel the same way and ditched us. They think they have a better rivalry with Texas A&M.  Texas A&M and LSU have played a whopping 52 times. That would be impressive if Arkansas hadn't played 59 games against LSU.  LSU is now stuck with playing on Thanksgiving Day at least every other year.  I guess LSU will just have to reap what it sowed.  Alleva has been making other headlines this season, having to apologize for fans yelling F--- You Saban, and warning fans not to storm the field after saying they should storm the field if they beat Alabama, which they didn't.  Make up your mind, man.

It's poetic justice they have to come up to Fayetteville in below freezing temperatures and possible snow. Screw them, they'll just have to deal with it.

3. Tiger Droppings. If you are looking for more delusional takes than Hogville, please go to Tiger Droppings.  I've read posts on there that have made me scratch my head.  I mean If Coon Asses can be making jokes about how delusional and Red Neck WE are, then something might be wrong in the universe.

3a. 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge. I used to think Drive Time Sports had some callers that didn't really make sense with their calls, but hearing some of the crazy that Matt Moscona has to deal with down here in Baton Rouge, makes me realize every place has it bad.  If I ever move away from Baton Rouge, I'll be glad to find Sports Radio that talks about anything other than how Les Miles should be fired, and that anybody with a clipboard and a whistle could win 10 games with all the talent they have in Louisiana.  It's like these guys don't remember the 90's or something.

4. Live Purple. Love Gold. I have to admit (not upfront) that I can call upon both the University of Arkansas and Louisiana State University when discussing schools from which I have degrees. After receiving my undergrad at Arkansas in 2009, I moved down to Louisiana to begin work, and after a few years took advantage of benefits offered by my company to pursue an MBA from LSU.  After taking classes at night for two years, I received that degree in May of 2014.  While attending LSU, I had a parking pass (by the way, LSU has great parking... probably the only thing I like about LSU), and my parking pass read "Love Purple. Live Gold" or something like that, and I had to hang that from the mirror of my Honda Civic (with my Arkansas Alumni sticker in the back window, and my Razorback front License Plate) every Monday and Tuesday for nearly 2 years.  I am proud to say that academically I have a degree from LSU, but my Alma Mater is the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and my name is carved in the sidewalk, proudly next to every other graduate from that fine LSU hating institution in the Ozarks.  When I drive in to Baton Rouge, I think "man it's flat and there's a refinery over there".  When I drive to Fayetteville, my pulse quickens. As I rise over each hill the beauty of the Ozarks mesmerizes me more and more. With each passing mile I get closer to my home. My Razorback Home.  I don't live purple, and I don't love gold, I bleed Razorback Red and I call those Hogs, and I hate LSU.

5. LSU fans are dicks. It's pretty easy to say that fans from other schools aren't nice, but I've lived down here for 5 years now, and while I have many LSU friends, and I've met many LSU fans that I like as people away from college football, they are dicks when it comes to their football team.  Case in Point.  I mean this girl is obviously drunk and frustrated, but he's just flat out being a dick.  LSU fans are racists. These people are the WORST, but when the worst is that bad, the rest can't be far behind.  I know you probably know someone who is an LSU fan, and while they are nice to your face, they're silently being a dick to you in their head.  It's in the section of the brain that emanates that Corn Dog smell.