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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: Nov. 11 - Battle for the Boot Edition



#LSUWeek – Last weekend while Alabama and LSU slugged it out in Baton Rouge, Arkansas was sitting comfortably at home resting up for #LSUWeek. The showdown in Death Valley went about as well as possible for the Razorbacks, who will face a defeated, battered and bruised LSU team Saturday for the Golden Boot. Nick Saban and the Tide ruined the Tigers' senior night and handed Les Miles his second straight home loss in the series and third overall. LSU will have to get over the loss as soon as possible, or risk being ambushed in Fayetteville.

Chill Factor – Freezing temperatures, a good chance of snow and SEC football. What more could you want for a November rivalry game? The weather won't make it much fun for the fans in the stands or the players themselves, but nonetheless, both are preparing for it. Arkansas will prepare for it by practicing outdoors this week and LSU will likely do the same. Bielema and the boys are embracing the cold weather, kind of like they embraced (kissed, hugged, made out with) the tough schedule early in the season. Cold weather and more from Arkansas News.

759 days – Arkansas' struggles on the field, particularly in SEC play are well documented. It's been just over two years since Arkansas last notched a conference win, a blowout of Kentucky that was shortened due to weather/mercy. A lot has happened in the world since that day, and Fox Sports is here to remind you of all that's taken place between now and then. 759 days worth of anger and pain for Razorback fans will hopefully come to an end this weekend.

Feeling betrayed – In this week's edition of Hogville fun, one Arkansas fan feels really betrayed by LSU for abandoning the annual day after Thanksgiving game. He has a message for all of those who are in Razorback Stadium Saturday, and LSUFan has a special message of his own.

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