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Arkansas Auctioning The 1964 Throwback Jerseys From The Alabama Game

The auction will include game used (actually worn in the game) and team issued (worn by players, but not in game action) jerseys.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Remember, kids, student-athletes are not permitted to sell any of their own memorabilia, but the schools can sell their stuff for as much as you're willing to pay for it.

That's nothing new, but that insanity is rubbed in everyone's face this week by Arkansas auctioning off all those 1964 throwback jerseys the football team wore a couple of weeks ago against Alabama.

You can check out the auction, make bids and so forth here.

All jerseys (there are 90) are beginning their auctions at $160 and in case you're wondering, as of this writing, only four have been bid above that number. They are numbers 73, 84, 32, and 10 - which are COINCIDENTALLY the numbers of new hero Sebastian Tretola, Hunter Henry, Jonathan Williams, and Brandon Allen.

Personally, I find this a bit odd because 1) Arkansas lost in heartbreaking fashion in those jerseys, and much like how some people kept those "Beat USC" shirts and wore them after that 2006 disaster, those aren't the types of vibes we need, and 2) if not for the little Razorback logo on the collar, they really do look just like Alabama jerseys. I thought the uniforms looked fantastic all put together with the helmet and the pants and everything, but the jerseys alone? To each their own I guess.

Now if they were auctioning the helmets - I'd guess they could get more money for the helmets than the jerseys. Remember, the helmets had the players' numbers on the back so they'd be just as identifiable by player as the jerseys NOT THAT ANYONE IS TRYING TO GET ANY SPECIFICALLY-NUMBERED JERSEY BECAUSE OF ANYTHING TO DO WITH SPECIFIC PLAYERS NOPE WINKNCAAWINK.

The auction started Monday night and will go through November 6th.

According to the press release from UA, "the revenue generated from the jersey auction will go towards funding the "Wild Band of Razorbacks" monument." That's the giant 20' x 30' statue Arkansas recently announced.