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Breaking Down Sebastian Tretola's Touchdown Pass To Alan D'Appollonio

This play will be remembered for quite a while, here's the breakdown.

Wesley Hitt

Sebastian Tretola at 6'5 350 would most likely be the last guy picked to play QB in a backyard game, but that was exactly what the play design counted on. The UAB defense had no idea what was going on as the big man took a drop, rolled to his right and lofted the perfect pass with a defender in his face. Looking like Ben Roethlisberger, or the infamous Hefty Lefty Jared Lorenzen, Tretola made the play as if he had done it a hundred times. Here is how it was drawn up.

First of all the play starts out with Academy Award winning acting by several Razorbacks. Dan Skipper (#63), John Henson (43), Kody Walker (24), and Alex Voelzke (#46) all motioned to Tretola to shift over to the other side as if he had forgotten to go over with them. Voelzke even taps him on the shoulder and Tretola gets out of his stance looking like he will jog in embarrassment over to the formation outside the hash.


Amidst the confusion the UAB special teams unit runs around like a squirrel crossing I-49. Also apparently the UAB coaches were in such disbelief as to what was going on they did not think to call timeout.


As Sebastian lined up at a Guard position jumps behind the snapper in the shotgun, the OH CRAP panic of never seeing anything like this before hits every defender.

The big man calmly takes the snap does a half roll to his right toward his personal protector in Kody Walker whom he outweighs by a good 100 lbs.


After the game Bielema went through what his progressions were on the play.

1. D'Appollonio- Eligible because he has a receiver number and was the end man on the line.

2. Henry across back of end zone.

3. Release by Voelzke- Lines up off the line in the backfield.

4. Adam McFain on the checkdown to the right side - more of a distraction than anything.

Luckily there was not a scramble option built in!


A little excitement added to energize the team and make a well marketed recruiting pitch at half time. "All you lineman out there come to Arkansas we will make you famous!"