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Reasons to Hate: UAB

Blazing into Fayetteville this week... Hate!

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Doc for covering last week's article.  I groggily rotated from nights to days last weekend, and if I didn't hate Georgia after Doc's article, I sure did after the 2nd quarter.  This week is about a Conference USA foe, and even though we've never played against UAB before, I still think we can find a few things to hate.

Reasons to Hate

1. Garrick McGee. I originally intended to hate on UAB because I couldn't believe they would fire McGee after only 2 years on the job, but I think he left on his own.  It's pretty amazing to think that a school could chew up a coach like Garrick McGee so much in only two seasons that he voluntarily decided to go back to being Bobby Petrino's offensive coordinator. Granted, he did oversee Blazers' loss to Southern Mississippi who had been enjoying a 23 game losing streak.

2. Basketball. Specifically Verizon Arena.  UAB has a much richer basketball history than football history.  They gave current Arkansas basketball coach Mike Anderson (highest winning percentage of all UAB basketball coaches) his first head coaching gig, and his fastest forty minutes was enjoyed by UAB fans for a few years.  After he left, the Blazers even enjoyed a 2 game win streak over the Hogs, including wins in Fayetteville and Little Rock.  Pelphrey!

3. Maudrecus Humphrey. In 2010, Maudrecus Humphrey joined names like Julian Horton, Jevontee Herndon, and Marquel Wade as the next Razorback wide receivers who were going to burn up SEC secondaries for years to come.  It was an innocent time. Humphrey's off-the-field struggles at Arkansas are well-documented, and while we're glad to see he has landed on another team and has hopefully straightened out the rest of his life, his presence in Fayetteville on Saturday will be a reminder of the kind of issues that led to many of Arkansas' current struggles.

4. Roddy White. UAB has actually put some players into the NFL, but Roddy White is the only one you know.  How many times has Roddy White been on your opponents fantasy team? How many times have you turned to the sky and screamed his name as you watch a Roddy White ridiculous Touchdown catch ruin your chances for theoretical, virtual football domination?  ROODDDDYYYY!

5. Blazer Dragons? Okay so the UAB logo is pretty friggin' awesome.  It's this dragon here, with an S curve followed by a more different S, and he's got Teeth and the fire.  All he's really missing is a Big Beefy Arm sticking out of the back.  But now look at all these images of Puff the Magic Dragon here.  The costume looks like its made of felt, it's loose.  The head is WAY too long.  I dressed up as a dragon in a 3rd grade play, and wore my costume to Burger King later.  I was asked to leave because my dragon costume was so realistic (definitely didn't have anything to do with damage to private property or anything.)  I know UAB is a small time program, but you think they could get a cool mascot.