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SEC Power Rankings: Week 8

Here's our ballot

Kevin C. Cox

1. Mississippi State

Bulldogs finally get to take advantage of the SEC's ridiculous 6-1-1 schedule with East games vs Kentucky this week and later Vanderbilt. (Enjoy soaking in that traditional rivalry with Georgia, Auburn!)

2. Ole Miss

They're going to be able to make LSU throw the ball, which could make things just get crazy.

3. Alabama

That had to feel good.

4. Auburn

Think they don't want to make a statement after watching Alabama demolish A&M and hopping them in the rankings?

5. Georgia

Looked every bit as good as the West's best teams against Arkansas.

6. LSU

Just feels like something weird's about to happen in Baton Rouge Saturday night. Which is a statement you can make at any time, really.

7. Arkansas

Finally had the bottom fall out. Only good news is it seemed to get somewhat repaired fairly quickly.

8. Texas A&M

When do we start pointing out the Aggies have probably gotten progressively worse in each year since Sumlin's magical 2012 debut? Sumlin and Hugh Freeze started at the same time and Ole Miss is top 5. Sure, A&M has only lost to top teams, but they should have lost to Arkansas and 59-0 is inexcusable with the recruiting classes they've brought in.

9. Missouri

Scoring 42 points on 119 total yards is some Salvador Dali LSD stuff.

10. Kentucky

This Mississippi State game has the makings of one of those Lexington games where the score is oddly too close.

11. South Carolina

This South Carolina/Auburn game seemed like such a good game before the Gamecocks started playing this season.

12. Florida

Always nice when the AD is in "No, I don't think it's totaled yet. Let's keep going another few miles" mode.

13. Tennessee

They'll probably lose, but the fans get 4 hours to do whatever they want to Lane Kiffin, which is almost as good for them.

14. Vanderbilt

Good news for Missouri, Vanderbilt might get caught looking ahead to that Old Dominion game.