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Arkansas Recruiting Kahlil Haughton With Fun Nelly Pun

Here's your Arkansas Fight investigative journalism of the day:

I was perusing Twitter Sunday night as I like to do and came across this little gem courtesy of the statewide daily's recruiting reporter, Richard Davenport:

Of course when I saw that hashtag I was like, good gracious! That's a pretty clever little line. A friend tasked me with finding out how it originated, and a Twitter search for the hashtag made it appear Davenport was the only one using it, and while I suppose it is technically possible Davenport came up with such a devastatingly effective pun, the recruiting reporters themselves typically don't come up with those types of recruiting mottos.

So I searched Haughton's timeline and found it. Right here.

That. Is. Magnificent.

That would be Arkansas defensive backs coach Clay Jennings with his arm around Nelly in a pretty fantastic photoshop, with the line "Nelly must be in town cuz we gettin' Haughton herre!" and this is my new favorite thing. There's just so much there. It's beautiful.

Great work from the UA football graphics department. The question of course is whether or not it will work. It clearly got Houghton's attention enough to share it with everybody.

Kahlil Houghton is a 4* safety from Waco, Texas who took an official visit to Arkansas the weekend of the Alabama game. It appears he has a top 5 of Baylor, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Texas Tech as those are the schools he is currently expected to take official visits to (he's already taken officials to Nebraska and Texas Tech

I look forward to presumably the upcoming "Shake Ya Tailfeather to Arkansas!" campaign.