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Saturday Roulette: College Football Picks Week 8

Graham is still down in South America doing [REDACTED FOR SAFETY]. So I'm doing Saturday Roulette for one more week. Let's get to it.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia (-3.5) at Arkansas

The Razorbacks lost their last two games, both against good teams, in overtime and by one point. This team cannot make further progress without winning. Losing by a field goal is not progress. Losing by a touchdown or more is not progress. Progress means doing better. And when the score is tied or a one-point difference at the end of regulation, progress is scoring that extra point that allows you to win the game.

Arkansas hasn't taken any steps backward in a long time, so I'm saying they end the SEC losing streak in the place it started about two years ago. Go Hogs.

Texas A&M (+13.5) at Alabama

The worst part about this game is that it's happening at the same time Arkansas vs Georgia is happening. Why the SEC Network didn't put up a crap game opposite the CBS game is beyond me, but I'm glad Arkansas was able to avoid the morning slot.

This is an interesting game because Alabama's secondary is not that great, and A&M has the passing game to expose it - unlike Arkansas.

If the Aggies have anything left after getting pounded by the Mississippi schools the last two weeks, I think they hang within two touchdowns against Alabama.

Tennessee (+16.5) at Ole Miss

I'm sorry. I just can't get that Vols/Florida game out of my head when I think about Tennessee. That was some special awful. And this is Ole Miss at home. I like the Rebels big.

Kentucky (+10) at LSU

Just can't trust LSU. Kentucky's been able to play hard with everybody this year. I think they can put up a fight in Baton Rouge. LSU will make sure it's closer than it should be. Pick the Cats with the points.

Kansas State (+7) at Oklahoma

I acknowledge that K-State is pretty good. But this is Oklahoma at home. They'll be fine. Despite their team chaplain doing unseemly things (allegedly). Go with the Sooners.

Georgia Tech (-1) over North Carolina, TCU (-10) over Oklahoma State, Texas Tech (-13) over Kansas

Good luck, everybody!