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Reasons To Hate: Georgia

I'm filling in for Robert this week, and, full disclosure: Georgia is my favorite non-Arkansas SEC team. But I've been tasked with hating them this week, so here we go.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

1. Too Nice

It's hard to find too many people who hate Mark Richt other than bitter Bulldog fans upset over Georgia not breaking through for a national title during the SEC's recent run of success. By all accounts he seems to be a real stand-up guy.

But as Hank Schraeder said, "Anybody that clean has to be dirty". So Richt is likely running the largest crystal meth racket in the Southeast. Someone should look into any and all new facilities they build in Athens. Especially in the area north of Athens when you start to get into Squidbillies country. Prime real estate for shadiness up there. We should know. We live in the Ozarks.

2. "Between the Hedges"

People give Georgia way too much credit for this "between the hedges" deal. So they put bushes around their field. Big deal. Lots of SEC stadiums have plantlife. Doesn't really add anything. No one seems to care. All it does is give opposing fans something to rip off a part of as a souvenir of triumph when they beat Georgia in Athens. Not that I would know anything about that. Especially not in 2010. Nope.

3. Uga

It's a dog. It's a dog in a cute shirt. Ok, a previous Uga did try to bite that Auburn player that one time, and that was cool, but still, we're talking about a dog. For whatever reason. Uga is always hailed as one of the elite mascots in college football. Anybody can have a dog. We have a freaking Russian boar. We have a Russian boar that we can't let out of his cage because nobody can control it and is potentially very dangerous. Yet we get very little credit for it around the country. I don't know about y'all, but I'm for mascot equality.

4. Todd Gurley

The star running back probably signed some memorabilia to earn a little extra cash, and that makes him a terrible and evil person, never to be forgiven and forever shamed.

5. Herschel Walker

Walker is the SEC's all-time leading rusher with over 5,200 career rushing yards. Know who's number 2? Darren McFadden. And McFadden doesn't get nearly the credit for it (outside of Arkansas) that he deserves. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER DMAC! #1 IN OUR HEARTS

6. 2009

The 2009 Georgia game wasn't a heartbreaker in the sense that some really stupid things happened on the level that we've seen from Arkansas football the last couple of games, but that was about as dejected as I've ever been leaving a game. In case you've forgotten, that game in Fayetteville was the first non-cupcake game of the year and was really Ryan Mallett's debut on an SEC stage. Mallett was fantastic, throwing for five touchdowns and 408 yards, but after Jerry Franklin was ejected in the 2nd quarter, the Arkansas defense couldn't stop Georgia for anything. It seemed like anytime Georgia felt like scoring, Joe Cox just had to throw up a pass to A.J. Green and it would be a quick touchdown. The Bulldogs ended up winning 52-41. I was very bitter. Just made the 2010 game more sweet though.

7. Sending good players to Auburn and LSU

Seriously, stop it. Keep those guys in the East. Auburn and LSU deserve to struggle for their recruiting mistakes instead of taking advantage of Georgia's castaways.

8. The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry

First of all, we all know this is false because the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry was, is, and forever will be YANKEES.

Secondly, the Auburn vs Georgia rivalry (along with Alabama/Tennessee) is one of the games forcing the SEC to stick with their idiotic 6-1-1 scheduling system for football. This system means Arkansas plays Missouri every year and rotates all six other teams from the East once every six years, so Arkansas only visits Athens once every 12 years, and that is awful and ridiculous.

I will fight this battle against the 6-1-1 whenever I get a chance.

Granted this year is an anomaly for the Mississippi schools, but a reason this system is so absurd is it allows top 5 teams Ole Miss and Mississippi State to feast on Vanderbilt and Kentucky, respectively. It doesn't make sense and is stupid.

(Note: Reasons not to hate Georgia: Larry Munson, silver britches, Athens and Athens music)