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Arkansas Razorbacks 2015 Football Schedule Released

Here are all the games with the dates

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

9/5 - UTEP - Fayetteville

9/12 - Toledo - Little Rock

9/19 - Texas Tech - Fayetteville

9/26 - Texas A&M - Arlington

10/3 - Tennessee - Knoxville

10/10 - Alabama - Tuscaloosa

10/17 - Bye

10/24 - Auburn - Fayetteville

10/31 - UT Martin - Fayetteville

11/7 - Ole Miss - Oxford

11/14 - LSU - Baton Rouge

11/21 - Mississippi State - Fayetteville

11/28 - Missouri - Fayetteville (Possibly changed to 11/27 for the Friday after Thanksgiving)

A few quick thoughts:

I like that Arkansas isn't opening up against a major opponent again. I got the vibe that no one was comfortable with the Auburn game this year despite what was said throughout the summer. With the coaches hesitant to put in freshman in the opener against a top team, and also unsure of how many snaps some players could play, I'm fine with not doing that again.

We go back to seasons with a single bye week (unless you count that Halloween game with UT Martin). As a fan, I hate the bye weeks for selfish reasons but they're needed this year. Hopefully if Arkansas can continue building more depth with the current recruiting class it won't be as much of an issue.

It is nice to have a bye right after Alabama and two straight road trips. That’s really beneficial.

However, Arkansas does go over a month between home games, from 9/19 - 10/24. That’s a long while. Arkansas didn’t have any back to back road trips this season.

One of the downsides to only one bye is that the season doesn't start until September 5th, nearly a week later than it started this year. That means a whole 'nother week of offseason. Ugh.

Not a fan of having just three in-state SEC games. My hope is that when the current contract expires, the A&M series goes back to home/home and Arkansas finds another noncon opponent to fill the JerryDome with.

I am a fan of the midseason bye week. Hate early season bye weeks. Thankful for that.

This will be Arkansas' first trip to Knoxville since 2007, and just the second since 2002. As a former resident of East Tennessee for a year, this is the game I'm personally most excited for. NOBODY PLAN ANY WEDDINGS FOR TENNESSEE WEEKEND (or throughout fall, really)

Also, Arkansas gets Tennessee in between their Florida and Georgia games. Yes!

I mentioned this in the fanshot earlier (as well as previously in other columns), I just don't see a single cupcake game in Little Rock working. This is the first time (possibly ever) fans won't have an SEC game as a reason to buy tickets for the Little Rock game. How many people will pony up $55 or more per person just to see Arkansas vs Toledo? I can envision more people than usual staying on the golf course.

Maybe UA wants the attendance to struggle just have ammunition for the eventual removal of all games from War Memorial. I think the only way a single non-con game against a non-Power 5 opponent works in War Memorial is if the opponent is Arkansas State, and that opens a whole 'nother can of worms.