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SEC Power Rankings: Week 7

Graham's still out this week, so I'm taking over our SEC Power Poll ballot. I apologize for the lack of graphical entertainment you might be used to from Graham.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

1. Mississippi State

Starkville's always been a bit scary, but now even more so and for completely different reasons.

2. Ole Miss

Best defense in the league. Not sure their offense is up to par with their friends from Starkville though.

3. Alabama

Finally overcame a bunch of special teams mistakes. If the Tide are no longer vulnerable to those, look out!

4. Auburn

How Gus's "bullcrap!" isn't catching on like his "boom!" I'll never understand. It's far more entertaining.

5. Georgia

May have the best shot at ending the SEC West's "let's beat everyone not in the SEC West" streak this week, but weird things happen in War Memorial Stadium.

6. Texas A&M

Really expected the Aggies to be a much better rushing team this season.

7. Arkansas

If they can figure out how to stop spectacularly shooting themselves in the foot, they'd be a really good team.

8, LSU

Never hurts to have a 50-yard field goal kicker in your arsenal

9. Kentucky

Kentucky vs Mississippi State is the CBS game of the week in a couple weeks, which means the Cats will probably go into Death Valley and win just because things are weird right now.

10. Missouri

Yeah, that was, uh, what happened was, um. I don't know.

11. South Carolina

An afterthought now, but really wouldn't surprise me to see them win five of their last six.

12. Florida

Well, at least they don't have to play any more teams from the West.

13. Tennessee

Never hurts to flex your muscles against Chattanooga every now and then.

14. Vanderbilt

Hey now, everyone knows you have to watch out for Charleston Southern.