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College Basketball Weekend Predictions: In the Danger Zone

Last week's prediction results: 7-4

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

I was well on my way to a tremendous prediction record last weekend until Texas A&M inexplicably lost to Vanderbilt, and LSU lost on the road at Alabama (which was a winnable road game considering the Tide were under .500 at the time).

I also wrongly picked Baylor (I'm not sure why), and California to win at UCLA because I really like their guard play. But, Texas took one in Waco, and Cal flopped in Hollywood, putting me at a mediocre 7-4 for the weekend.

But I'm coming back strong this weekend. Here are my predictions for the first weekend of hoops in February:

SEC Action - Saturday

No. 11 Kentucky at Missouri - Noon CST on CBS

This will be another tough road test for Kentucky. The Wildcats loss at LSU this past week was troubling, especially since the crowd at LSU was next to none other than students. Missouri is going to get up for this game, and so will the fans. Winner: Missouri.

Georgia at Auburn - 12:30 pm CST on ESPN3

Well, what do you know, Auburn won a conference game. Against Alabama, no less! Hell, I'm doubling down on the Tigers. Winner: Auburn.

South Carolina at Ole Miss - 12:30 pm CST on ESPN3

The Rebels hit a bit of a wall in Knoxville Wednesday night, losing 86-70. But I see them getting back on track against South Carolina. Ole Miss is quietly tied for second place in the SEC. Winner: Ole Miss.

Texas A&M at No. 3 Florida - 3 pm CST on ESPN3

Florida, like I've said before, is Final 4 good. It's also next-to-impossible to beat them in the O Dome. I've got the Gators in a rout. If Tennessee only scored 41 points on Florida, what's the damage going to be for the Aggies? Winner: Florida.

Arkansas at LSU - 4 pm CST on ESPNU

Arkansas is in the danger zone, and on the verge of completely falling off the map. With three of the next four games on the road, things could get ugly quick. We're talking 13th place or last in the conference standings, people. For Mike Anderson's sake, I hope the team finds a way to win away from BWA.

Mississippi State at Vanderbilt - 4 pm CST on ESPN3

I'm taking Vanderbilt and I have no idea why. Maybe because it's a home game. Winner: Vanderbilt.

Tennessee at Alabama - 8 pm CST on ESPN2

It's always hard for me to go against the Vols with the talent they have. Stokes, McRae and Maymon are tough, and they'll get it done on the road. Winner: Tennessee.

Top Non-SEC Action - Saturday

No. 24 Ohio State at No. 14 Wisconsin - 11 am CST on ESPN

Wisconsin has hit a huge bump since ESPN college hoops analyst Jay Williams said the Badgers would win the national title. They've lost four of their last five after a 16-0 start. But the Buckeyes aren't far behind the Badgers. OSU started 15-0 and has since lost five of six in conference play. The loser of this one risks falling into the Danger Zone, as well. OSU and Wisconsin's Danger Zone is different than Arkansas' obviously, but a decent seed in the tournament could be slipping away. I'm taking Wisconsin because it's in Madison. Winner: Wisconsin.

Baylor at No. 8 Oklahoma State - 1 pm CST on ESPN

Just to give you an idea of how brutal the Big XII is, Baylor is 1-6 in conference play. Yes, the same team that was ranked No. 7 on January 7 is now 1-6 in Big XII play and looking for anything positive to happen. They'll have to wait a little longer, because it ain't happening in Stillwater this weekend, Scott Drew. Winner: Oklahoma State.

No. 6 Kansas at No. 25 Texas - 3 pm CST on ESPN

I heard Jimmy Dykes say Kansas was the second best team in the nation behind Arizona. I wouldn't go that far, but Kansas is one of the hottest teams in the nation right now outside of Michigan (10 straight wins) and Wichita State (22-0). I like Embiid and Wiggins to get a win in Austin. Winner: Kansas.

No. 23 Oklahoma at No. 16 Iowa State - 3 pm CST on ESPN3

The Cyclones have lost four of their last five conference games over a brutal stretch in which they played Kansas State, Texas on the road, Baylor, and KU twice. I don't know what to make of Iowa State after the 17-0 start, but I can't pick against them in Hilton Coliseum. Winner: Iowa State.

No. 17 Duke at No. 2 Syracuse - 5:30 pm CST on ESPN

I trust Syracuse. I trust Tyler Ennis with the ball in his hands. And I trust the 2-3 zone (the way the Cuse run it). I think Jabari Parker may struggle to find a rhythm on the offensive end. Syracuse's length is something you can't prepare for, and I think Duke really struggles with the zone. Winner: Syracuse.