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Arkansas 2013 Opponent Preview Week 2: Samford

Here are a few notes of interest regarding Samford's first game of the season last week.

Andy Lyons

  1. The Bulldogs defeated their first FBS team on Friday night, but it was the Georgia State Panthers, who have only been playing football for 3 years prior to 2013 and are in their first year of Sun Belt play.  Arkansas may have defeated the best Sun Belt team, while Samford defeated the worst Sun Belt team.
  2. Fabian Truss - 5' 9" 190 lbs - This guy wears #2, but he will probably remind you of a #1 that used to play for the Razorbacks named Reggie Fish.  He took the first kickoff 100 yards in the first game of the season and put up the only Bulldog points in the 1st half.  He also scored a rushing touchdown early in the 4th quarter to give the Bulldogs the lead for good.
  3. The Samford offense was pedestrian in their first game of the 2013 season.  They didn't break 300 yards of offense, and managed only 2 offensive touchdowns.
  4. The return game for Samford was pretty good.  They scored a touchdown on the opening kickoff, and they averaged better than 50 yards a return (punts and kickoffs) on the rest of their returns.  If you count the 100 yarder, they go north of 60 yards a return.  This team really brought it on special teams, against Georgia State.
  5. The defense did manage two interceptions (one returned for a TD) against the pass happy offense of Georgia State, but still gave up 291 yards on 28 completions.  The Georgia State offense was the inverse of the Arkansas offense from week 1.  They threw it 51 times and only ran it 25.
  6. I wouldn't expect the Bulldog's kicker to miss like Louisiana's did last week.  He nailed a 48 yarder late in the 4th quarter.

While it is key to note that the Bulldogs were able to win a game in an unconventional way, the fact that they needed kickoff and interception returns for touchdowns is an indictment of how bad their offense really is.  Arkansas fans shouldn't have much to worry about in this game.