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Tuesday's Poll: How Reads Your Hog Meter?

How well did your Hogs impress you?

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

And so we are now a few days removed from our tribal gathering in Fayetteville and around television and computer screens the world over where we saw displayed in grid iron battle our colors and our spirit animal, the wild boar, once again. The reds and whites looked brighter, the running Razorback looked tougher and faster. Such is the way of things when those you choose to represent you perform in such a way to make the non-punting, non-blocking, and non-passing members of the tribe, the fans, proud.

In today's poll question, I am not going to ask if the Hogs' victory on Saturday made you feel good. We know it did. What I would like to know is did it change your prediction on how many games the Hogs will win this season. Hey, the offense looked sharp. Brandon Allen didn't look anything like what we saw when he was thrown in against ULM. Alex Collins looked to be as good as advertized. The team got more turnovers that it gave up. All in all, I don't think you could have asked for much better of a first game. But was the win good enough to cause you to up your prediction for the season?


* A reminder that the website here will host a game thread with each game this season. If you don't have anybody to share the game with, come on over to the website and post along with fellow fans.

* As good of a day it was for our current team, Tyler Wilson and Brandon Mitchell had a rough day of it. Tyler got cut by the Raiders (I think he has since signed with the practice squad) and Mitchell broke his foot in his opener with North Carolina State and will be out 4-6 weeks. Here's to wishing Brandon a very quick recovery.

* My brother observed that Bielema had sent the quarterback some Flowers, after Trey Flowers swallowed up Broadway in a sack. I told I him I would mention this. Here is hoping that Flowers goes all FTD all season long. And may he have his largest bouquet in store for, yeah, Johnny Football.

* I like the trimmer, leaner, Keiro Small, and how he is just as a hard hitter of a player, but one now that has more versatility as an offensive weapon in his own right.

* I also like it that Bielema gave Hines a chance to get some more on the field experience with that last field goal attempt. Of course, it would have been better if Hines had made it, but the experience is still good.

* Herndon, Holmes, Horton, Henry, Hatcher, Hawkins, Hines, Hartfield, Hocker, Holmes again, Henson, Hodge, and you could also say Irwin-Hill. If you are a college football player and your name ends in an "H," you are likely playing for the Razorbacks, haha.

* Those few of you in the poll who said the first touchdown would come by air, give yourself a pat on the back.

* Something we might not see until Rutgers is how well will the Hogs respond when they are down a score or two. The Hogs falling apart after a few bad things going against them, to where bad things just snowballed, was a trend we saw last year. How well has Bielema prepared them to handle adversity?

My answer to my own poll question, my own Hog meter: Well, I had them 6-6 for the season before Saturday's game. My meter has ticked up to where I can see a 7th win. Just maybe South Carolina will come to Fayetteville and their lack of conditioning shows up at the higher altitude of the Ozarks, haha. Fayetteville is 1,400 feet above sea level you know. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. So they could get quarter of a mile high winded, haha. WPS!