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Brandon Allen Not Listed As Starter On Texas A&M Depth Chart

There are a few changes on the depth chart this week

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Derby is listed in the weekly game notes from UA as the starting quarterback on Arkansas' depth chart. Austin Allen is listed as the backup. This is a change from the Rutgers game notes, when Brandon Allen was listed as the starter. Bret Bielema said in his weekly Monday press conference that Allen is expected to practice in a limited fashion on Tuesday, and remains day-to-day.

You may have noticed that Keon Hatcher looked to be fully healthy against Rutgers and had a good game. He's now listed as a starting wideout over senior Julian Horton.  They also added D'Arthur Cowan as a backup wideout underneath Javontee Herndon. Cowan has been injured this season after hurting his foot in fall practice, and his return is a welcome one. Cowan and Eric Hawkins are both listed behind Herndon.

Another Razorback it appears has returned to full strength is linebacker Otha Peters (although he is playing with a cast on his arm). Peters was not listed on the Rutgers depth chart but played a solid game and is now the backup middle linebacker behind Austin Jones and over freshman Brooks Ellis. Rohan Gaines is also back on the depth chart after playing last week. He's listed as the backup strong safety behind Alan Turner and above TQ Coleman.

Check out the full game notes here.