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Razorbacks Internet Chatter: September 2, 2013

News, notes, and interesting stuff from around the interwebs.

Wesley Hitt

Well, the Bret Bielema era got off to a very nice start Saturday, beating a respectable Lafayette club 34-14. My prediction for the game was 31-14 (Sooo close), but some Lafayette message boarders made predictions and weren't as close at me. A majority of their picks predicted an upset, some I could see happening, but others... Just no.

Wasn't the first weekend of football a blast?? The SEC complied a 10-4 record this weekend (Georgia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Miss. State losing), and my game-by-game predictions are still perfect. Anywho, Team Speed Kills broke down each SEC team's opening game, giving us their takeaways from game #1. "This ain't going to be an Air Raid team."

I found a lot of recaps of the Arkansas-ULaLa game, including a really good one from our guys here at Arkansas Fight. Arkansas News also had a terrific one. It pointed out the five things the Hogs needed to do to win, some interesting stats and info on the Samford game, and players of the game for Arkansas. Read it and feel like you were at the game.

I'm really upset with myself. I missed the best part about the first Saturday of the college football season. I missed the intro hype video and the Hogs running through the A because the folks in charge of swiping student IDs at the stadium didn't have it all together. I sat down right at kickoff in the green stands above the south endzone. Thanks to Doc for posting the video after the game. If anything, Arkansas can always claim they're really good at making hype videos, and me cry during them.

As most of you don't know, I also write for the Arkansas student-run school newspaper, The Arkansas Traveler. I recently wrote a column on the topic of SEC football and why it's so special in the South. You can read it here if you want, but if not, that's fine, too. I also covered my first game from the press box a week ago, a women's soccer game that came down to a goal in the second overtime period. Here's my recap.