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The Weekend That Will Be: Fall Weddings - College Football Season's Cardinal Sin

What is the biggest offense on a fall Saturday afternoon? In a word: weddings. Meanwhile in College Station, they have themselves a little ballgame this weekend.

Mike Zarrilli

It's simple. No weddings from the last week of August through the first week of December please. You've got 37 other weeks. If a politician in the South ran on the sole platform that he or she would ban weddings in the fall, said politician would garner enough votes to win.

I'm headed to New York this afternoon, and for any other weekend -- other than those mentioned above -- I would be looking forward to a weekend in The City. But I find myself in the difficult situation of wanting to support the matrimony while my viewing capabilities of the end to the season's most anticipated game are in jeopardy. Twitter was made to help poor souls in my situation.

(Editor's Note: Hey Graham, at least the scheduling gods did you a solid by giving the Southern Miss game a morning slot. And if you'd like to watch the game in NYC, check out Hurley's - the NYC Razorbacks watch party spot.)

No more complaining, all smiles from here on out. So join me in a big congrats to Jeremy and Megan.



No. 5 Stanford at Army, CBS Sports Network (-28.5 Stan)- The Cardinal put together one of the better looking 34-13 wins last week against San Jose State. While there are plenty of other games to watch during this time slot, watch a few minutes of the battering ram that is the Stanford offense. They are my favorite for a national title right now.

No. 7 Louisville at Kentucky, ESPN (-10.5 UL)- The Wildcats aren't good at football and should be looking forward to basketball with their 13 McDonald's All-Americans. Louisville isn't so bad at basketball either (Men-National Champions, Women- Final Four), but they've got a good football team, too. The Cardinals need to show out against the SEC -- and every other team on their schedule -- for a chance at a football national championship berth. Cards cover.

No. 16 UCLA at No. 25 Nebraska, ABC (-4 Neb)- One of those rare entertaining out of conference games we will hopefully get more of with the upcoming changes to the college football postseason. UCLA's offense will put up enough yards to get a good rally going from the "Get Rid of Bo Pelini" crowd in Lincoln.

Southern Miss at Arkansas, 12:21 p.m., SEC Network (-21 Ark)- Which Arkansas team shows up: the team who  owned Louisiana-Lafeyette or the one that was down to Samford late? No idea. With no confidence, give me the Coverin' Hogs.


No. 1 Alabama at No. 6 Texas A&M, 3:30 p.m., CBS (-7 Bama)- Every sort of preview and breakdown is available for this game if you want it. This outstanding longform piece is the best I've seen. Here's why I like who I like, one Nicholas Lou Saban. Since his days at LSU he's 21-4 against teams that beat him in their following meeting, and he's been looking forward to this one for a while. Embarrass him and he will find a way to embarrass you. See the 2011 BCS Championship game.

Tennessee at No. 2 Oregon, 3:30 p.m., ABC (-21.5 Ore)- All eyes will and should be on College Station, but this game's point spread was to easy for me not to get in on. The Ducks are good. Really good. Tennessee's offense isn't as volatile as last week's win over Western Kentucky made it look. Perspective: It gained 52 yards on 12 plays and led by 21 last week in the first quarter. Quack, quack.


Vanderbilt at No. 13 South Carolina, 7 p.m., ESPN (-12 USC)- As bad as Texas and USC fans have had it over the past week, Vanderbilt's entire program is on the verge of facing tremendous amounts of scrutiny. Both USC and the Commodores are coming off SEC losses. The Gamecocks are still in the hunt of an SEC Championship berth with a win here while a loss could push them out of contention. They'll be fired up and Vandy is -- and for good reason -- is too distracted. I like the Gamecocks big at home.

Mississippi State at Auburn, 7 p.m., ESPN2 (-6 Aub)- Two bad SEC teams playing one another is still SEC football, and you'll be begging for it come March. Auburn at home is not what Dan Mullen needs, no matter if the Tigers are starting a safety at quarterback. The Tigers find a way.

No. 21 Notre Dame at Purdue, 8 p.m., ABC (-21.5 ND)- Five other SEC teams are playing in this time slot, all of whom Arkansas play this season. Do yourself a favor. Skip out on this one and start your scouting report for the rest of the season.

No. 25 Ole Miss at Texas, 8 p.m., Longhorn Network (-3 UT)- The spread here is not based on number of points, but whether or not Mack Brown is fired before or after the third quarter. Will it come as early as halftime? That'd be early but if the Longhorns have already given up 400 yards of offense, the fans may rush the field and end the bloodshed early. Please don't ruin us Razorback fans watching the UT program go down in flames, Rebels. Black Bears for the win.

Late Night

No. 20 Wisconsin at Arizona State, 10 p.m., ESPN (-5.5 ASU)- Two darkhorse contenders for their respective conferences. Wisconsin's new coach Gary Anderson has played two cupcake teams and racked up an inordinate amount of rushing yards. His teams gets tested this week, but I like the Badgers on the road.

Last Week: 5-3

Season: 10-6


A native of Arkansas now calling the Hogs from yonder in Georgia, you can follow Graham on Twitter @grahamreaves or read his blog, On My Mind In Georgia.