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Have You Ever Seen A Practicing Hog?

How many of us have attended a practice session?


This week's poll turns its attention to practice, football practice. It is where a many a coach will say that the season is really won or lost. Practice, it is how you get to Carnegie Hall, and how you get to Atlanta at season's end. In case you don't know (though I know you do) our Hogs started fall practice this week.

The poll question is pretty simple this time. Not counting the spring game and pre-game drills, have you ever seen the Hogs go through a practice? If you have and have a story to tell about it, please leave it in the comment section. I have attended just one practice, August of 2009. I remember seeing this one player tower over everybody. I asked the person sitting next to me, "Ryan Mallett?" "Yep." I didn't walk away with any great insight into the team that day, but I did have a greater appreciation for what they go through under an August Arkansas sun. I was exhausted from just standing in the heat! Coach Bielema sure isn't going to confuse Arkansas in August with Wisconsin.

NOTE: For now on, look for a poll question on Tuesdays. Once we get going with game weeks, I'll have a poll question related to the game the Hogs just played with some observations attached, or if we just want to forget about that game, something to do with the upcoming game. Stay tuned. And keep voting and commenting.