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Razorback Stadium Greatest Moments: Wrong Side of the Scoreboard

Some of the losses are more memorable, but it's hard to call them greatest moments.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

If you ask Hog fans about their greatest memories as fans, they rarely include losses. We choose to remember the happy times, but the 75 Years of Razorback Stadium - Top Moment Vote on, include the Game of the Century as one of options to "like" on YouTube.

I will tell you that one person will not be watching or liking that video, and that's Frank Broyles. To this day, Frank Broyles cannot watch the game footage, as the hogs threw an interception in Texas Endzone that turned into a drive that converted on 4th and 3 to keep the drive alive.

But then you keep going through the videos, and you enjoy a few moments like DMAC running wild over South Carolina, Revenge on Tennessee in 1999, and Cobi Hamilton setting an Arkansas and an SEC record for most yards in a game when we lost to Rutgers in 2012.... Wait WHAT?

Okay, yes it was the only bright spot from last season, but we're talking about GREATEST MOMENTS. What would Cobi say about this game?

I’d trade all of my yards for a win. We came here to win.

So don't put this on a list, I mean if you're going to put a record in the list, at least make it an NCAA one that still stands today. Let me see what else is on here. Oh! The Longest Field Goal... This is looking pretty good. 67 yard field goal that still stands in the record books today.

Oh we lost that one, too.

I hate to say it, but some of these moments they included are almost on the level with greatest disasters in Razorback Stadium. So I guess we can be glad they didn't include 1992 Citadel, 2005 Vanderbilt, 2004 Texas (Jones fumble in the 4th), 2010 Alabama(Mallet's Interceptions in the 4th), 2000 Alabama (Shaud Williams 80 yard TD first play of the game), 2003 Florida (Tony Bua Personal Foul on Chris Leak cancels an interception), 2007 Kentucky (Michael Smith Fumble), or 1969 Texas (Oh wait they did)

So, here's the WORST thing about this, and I hesitate to even type this, but these videos are likeable in YouTube.... by anyone. As I type this, Joe Adam's Punt Return has 15 likes, which means it's beating the Game of the Century by 12 votes. Please go out there and send a message to this administration that losing isn't to be celebrated. Let's go out and vote for the victories.