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Hog Trough Fancast #63 - Step-Up or Step-Off!

Football is in the air, boys and girls. The pads are getting broken in starting today and we pee our pants in anticipation on this week's Hog Trough Fancast!

Yea dawg, we saw that selfie.
Yea dawg, we saw that selfie.

Practice begins today Hog Fans! Football, yes FOOTBALL (preseason NFL albeit), started LAST NIGHT! MmmMmm manhood.

This week we get the hypotheticals out of the way before we start getting those wonderful practice reports.

Bret Bielema is a Kool-Aid dispensing son-of-a-gun, but as long as the syrup stays thick, we'll guzzle that deliciousness like Grandma's sweet tea!

Here are some of the things we discuss on this week's podcast:

  • Jermaine "The Illuminati" Eluemunor turns down "THE" offer of Ohio State and commits to Arkansas
  • Coach Herb and a pat on the back for all Strength and Conditioning coaches everywhere
  • Which Razorback must step-up to lead the team to victory?
  • Which game will DEFINE the Razorbacks this year?
  • The Coach's Poll
  • Johnny Football will get injured, we're pretty sure.
  • The worst begging for a sponsor that you'll ever hear in your entire life.
  • Gettin' Wood

If the audio player is not visible, click here to listen!

Recorded Sunday afternoon, August 4, 2013.

Plus, tweets of the week and a whole lot more. This is the Hog Trough Fancast.

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