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Touchdown Arkansas!

Where will the first touchdown of the season come from?

Ronald Martinez

Hog fans, it is Game Week. It has finally arrived. This week has been slower getting here than (insert wacky Wally Hall comparison here).

So the question for this week is directly game related. And that question comes in the form of one of my favorite types of speculations. Who will score the first touchdown of the season? We've been waiting since the third quarter of the LSU game when Tyler Wilson completed a touchdown pass to, the now transferred MeKale Mckay to shout for joy and pump a fist after a Razorback touchdown.

Another way to ask this is, in your head, during a daydream at the copier or on the commute home or while reading preview after preview, how do you see the Hogs scoring? Personally, I envision a run right up the middle from the five yard line with Alex Collins getting his first touchdown as a Razorback. WPS!