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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: August 19, 2013

News, notes, tidbits and interesting stuff.


Early last week, Arkansas dipped its hand into another in-state university, pulling out Henderson State University athletics director Kale Gober to become the new Assistant Athletics Director for Development. This is not the first time Arkansas has hand-selected former university athletic directors to become assistant ADs (Mike Waddell of Towson). Over the weekend, Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette was the first to make a joke over Twitter about Arkansas having SO MANY assistant and associate ADs.

If you somehow missed it, Tim Horton, a former Arkansas assistant coach currently at Auburn, leaked injury information about Austin Tate's broken collarbone, which apparently happened on Wednesday. Of course, since the media has been locked out of fall practice so far, this information came as news to most, especially with it coming from a coach at a rival school. Bret Bielema then announced all injuries on Saturday in a press conference, and heads across the state exploded in unison.

So how about those injuries?! Arkansas announced after its second scrimmage on Saturday that not all is perfect at practice after all. Bielema officially announced the injuries of three players that would likely be factors for the upcoming season Saturday, one of which being season ending. Thanks for letting the people know about injuries possibly four days after the fact, its not like we really want to know what's happening with our team or anything.

Our friends at Team Speed Kills recently predicted and attempted to pick each game for every team in the SEC this year, which means they also went game-by-game for the Hogs and it's almost NSFW. They noted that Arkansas got the shaft this year with SEC East matchups (USC and Florida), but the Hogs have to deal with it and it may not be pretty.

I would also like to report that Arkansas did get some good news over the weekend. The Hogs received a commitment from highly touted defensive end Jamario Bell on Saturday. Bell is a 6'6" defensive end, coming from the same 2A high school in Arkansas, Junction City, as current defensive tackle Byran Jones and defensive back Alan Turner. There has to be something in the water close to the Louisiana state line. See Bell's highlights here.