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What Does Your Razorback Mood Ring Say?

The question of the week looks at the excitement level for the 2013 season

Wesley Hitt

We are well within sight of the first week of the 2013 football season. Fall practice reports are coming in. You can find NFL preseason games on television. You've probably stopped reading the pre-season college football magazines by now at the local Wal Mart, seeing as you've flipped through them all several times already. If you bought them, what have you not read by now? Your kids are in school again, or about to be so. Colleges are bustling with the return of students. All signs are that we are about to start our favorite time of year, the months of the college football season.

But what is your excitement level? That is the Tuesday question of the week. We Razorback fans have been through a lot lately, to say the least, haha. Just thinking about last season, I feel my energy, my life force, my Razorback blood, just flow right out my toes. Suffice to say, it was a drain of a season that we haven't seen in a long time. Players want to bounce back from that, and I know we fans do as well. But easier said than done, especially as, at least on paper, it looks like we are going to take some serious lumps again this season.

Personally, my excitement level is lower than usual at this point. I hope that will change here once the season gets going. But I remember how high I was last pre-season and how far I fell after the ULM game and subsequent beatings, that I think I am, as a defense mechanism, being more guarded about my excitement level. How are you feeling at this point?