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Arkansas Football Countdown: 53 Days- Long Snapper Love With Alan D'Appollonio
Everyone is getting some love this offseason from us here at Expats, and with 53 days to go until the Hogs kickoff the 2013 season, it's long snapper Alan D'Appollonio's day to shine.

For two season's now, A'ppolliono has been a serviceable long snapper for the Hogs, but he hasn't gotten much attention. Well, as it turns out, that's not necessarily a bad thing for the position, as no one ever seems to know much about the long snapper until he messes up big time. Like the long snapper I played with in high school snapped the ball nearly 10 feet over our kicker's head (it was actually former Gator Caleb Sturgis) in the 2008 State Championship game. The play resulted in a touchdown that turned out to be the difference in the game. Everyone in town knew his name after that.

A tale like that sounds all too familiar, if you'll recall last year's Alabama game, the very same thing happened. However, that was the week the John L. Smith decided we should go with another long snapper. Just for Bama.

Long snapp- I mean, long story short: love your long snapper and admire him from afar, appreciating his quiet impact. You don't know how important they are until something goes horribly, horribly wrong. We salute you, Alan D'Appollonio, and we will see you in all your glory in 53 days.