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Arkansas Football Countdown: 54 Days - Byran Jones

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Entering the dog days of summer...

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Byran Jones was a highlight of Arkansas' 2010 recruiting class and has been a frequent starter on the Razorbacks' defensive line ever since.

He's started 29 games over the last three seasons and played in 35. In that time, he's made 122 tackles, including 52 in 2012. His statistics are evidence Jones was one of the Arkansas players who continued to compete even as the 2012 season nose dived, which is much more of a compliment than I wish it was. For instance, his career high of 7 tackles came in the penultimate game of the year against Mississippi State.

Jones started all 13 games as a sophomore in 2011 and started 5 games his freshman year in 2010, when he earned SEC All-Freshman honors.

Arkansas fans were waiting until the very end for Jones' commitment on National Signing Day in 2010. Jones was a highly touted 4* recruit who was also considering offers from Auburn, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State.

Jones is listed as one of the starting defensive tackles on Arkansas' post-spring depth chart, and hopes are high for him to have a big senior year.