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Arkansas Football Countdown Day 57: Nicholas Thomas-Smith

Thomas-Smith will be a part of the first group to study under the tutelage of Randy Shannon at Arkansas.

Joel Auerbach

Nick Thomas-Smith hails from Chesterfield, Missouri. He is listed as a linebacker who comes into his sophomore season at 5-foot-10, 225-pounds.

He will be among the first group to be the beneficiary of Randy Shannon as the linebackers coach at Arkansas. Shannon was at the same position a year ago at TCU and the head coach at Miami the four years prior to that before making his way north to The Hill.

Thomas-Smith is one of two players on the roster with double names; the other being Darrell Kelly-Thomas who was featured here forty days ago.

If you are interested, you can find him on Twitter @NTStrong57.

Usually here I would post some game film of the profiled player, but instead here is the first video that comes up when you search "Nicholas Thomas-Smith."

Some of you would love to see him breaking through lines to sack the quarterback, force a fumble or corral an interception, but this is impressive nonetheless. It's two times his body weight.


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