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Arkansas Football Countdown: 58 Days - Ray Gervasi

Happy 4th of July!

#58 Ray Gervasi
#58 Ray Gervasi

There were a lot of big things happening in the year 1958. LSU won the football national championship and Kentucky won the basketball national championship (golf clap). Elvis was inducted into the Army. Miss America was Marilyn Van Derbur (I have no idea who she is; but I am sure she was hot).

It was not a great year for the Hogs. The football team finished a disappointing 4-6. The Hogs lost their first 6 games before reeling off 4 straight wins to end the season on a high note.

Basketball season was not much better the Hogs went 9-14 for the season.

Most fans may not know the name Ray Gervasi, but he wears 58 for the Hogs football team. He is a Junior from California. If Gervasi wants to see the field this season he has his work cut out for him. He is behind Travis Swanson and Luke Charpentier on the depth chart.

While he may not have been noticed much on Saturdays he has been getting players ready the past few years on the scout team. Gervasi may not have the spotlight on him, but he is as important to this team as any other player.

He was named to the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll and the Razorback Honor for working hard in the classroom.