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59 Days - Marcus Danenhauer

It's STILL Coming

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

With 59 days left until the start of the season, we will have a brief break from work tomorrow as we celebrate our Independence Day. I know I won't be working or blogging. I'm going to take my wife to Destin, Fl where we will deal with all the crazy crowds. I'm sure it will be hectic and crazy, but your worst day on vacation is still better than your best day at work.

I live in Baton Rouge, and I was listening to local sports talk radio and the host said that he didn't care if it was the biggest day in sports, he would still take a vacation day, no matter how many coaching changes or national championships or scandals it didn't matter. I wish I felt that way about my job, but I hope you get a chance to take some vacation and remember the important things like the importance of living in a country like ours where we are free to say what we want to say, worship who we want to worship (or worship no one at all), and cheer for the Hogs every day of the year.

Today we salute #59 Marcus Danenhauer. He hasn't made it into any games, but I'm sure that's largely due to the wide eyes any radio or TV announcer will get when they see his last name. At 6' 5" Marcus fits the prototypical SEC OL build, and even if he's not pancaking Alabama Linebackers each week for us, it's important to have these kind of players mixing it up on the scout team and giving Byran Jones and Trey Flowers someone to mix it up in the trenches with on weekdays.