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Michael Dyer Publicity Tour Makes It's Way To Grantland

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Now that we know he's not coming to Arkansas, we can all just sit back and laugh about this. Hope it works out for him somewhere.

Kevin C. Cox

The Michael Dyer "no I've really changed, like, seriously" tour has been making the rounds through USA Today, ESPN, local outlets in Arkansas (when he was trying to be a Razorback) and now he's made his way onto Grantland.

Here's the full profile, if there's anything more about the story you'd like to know.

This is noteworthy really because of 4 things.

1. Dyer is much more aggressive in his quotes than he was in his previous media appearances. I have a feeling if he'd come across like this earlier, many of the Arkansas fans who said they were willing to forgive him would have been less willing to do so.

2. This quote from Dyer: "That's telling me [his Auburn coaches] don't really care that much about humans." I just think this is hilarious.

I don't know for sure if he's including Gus Malzahn in that explanation, but Gus was the Auburn assistant it appears Dyer felt closest to and the coach who directly kicked him off a team once and couldn't prevent it the first time.

3. Author quote: "The rule is that each star increases the idiocy of recruiting by a factor of 1 million."

That's so true. I might frame that.

4. Dyer's story-ending line: "You gotta be that Timmy gotta be a Tebow."

UPDATE: Has Dyer finally found a home with Charlie Strong at Louisville?