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Arkansas Football Countdown: 37 Days - Toby Baker

37 days until kickoff

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Redshirt Freshmen Punter Toby Baker will be wearing number 37 for the Razorback football team this season. Baker came to Arkansas from Memphis, Tenn. In high school he was the punter and quarterback.

If Baker wants to see some playing time this season he will need a little help. He is not currently listed on the two-deep depth chart. But who knows. Everybody needs punters. Anything can happen on the punter depth chart.

Punters are a lot more physical than people think. They may look small and not that tough, but they know how to rock someone when they need to check out this video of Sam Paulescu. That is just a textbook tackle right there.

I would not be able to show punting highlights without my favorite of all time. I know it stirred up a lot of controversy, but Marquel Wade completely crushed Jonathan Krause here. Was it a little dirty? Yeah probably. The guy is a kick returner though. He knows the danger in that. There is a chance your going to get smoked every time you get on the field.

Wade should not have hit the guy, nor danced over him, nor thrown a fit on the way to the locker room, but man what a hit. I could watch that video a hundred times in a row.

37 days until we get a new batch of jarring hits.