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Magic Razorback Powers: Part Two

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Which quarterback from seasons past would you bring back for the 2013 team if you could?


Brandon Allen, if you are reading this, please don't take this personally. We are all pulling for you to have a good first season as a starter, and the sane amongst us will cut you some slack for this being your first season. But you are largely unproven at the moment, and many of us still have the nightmare of the second half of the ULM game haunting our sleep and daily thoughts. I sincerely hope that you replace that image of 2012 with a much better one for 2013.

With that said, we are going to play the magic Razorback powers what-if game again. In the definition of "fan," you can't define it without mentioning the pairing of "what" with "if." Two weeks ago I asked the readership about which running-back from the recent past would we want to bring back for the 2013 season if we could. Darren McFadden took that prize. A reader commented that we should ask the same question for quarterbacks. And so we shall. Which quarterback would you bring back to captain the 2013 team?

If it were up to me, I would bring back, Tyler Wilson. I largely feel like he deserves a do-over from that 2012 season. He guided us through one of the best seasons in Razorback history, the 2011 season, and then found himself in charge of one of the worse seasons. I doubt any of the choices could quarterback this team to an appearance in Atlanta, given our schedule and lack of experience in other key spots. Tyler would also have the advantage of being familiar with the current roster. Stoerner, gosh, was quarterbacking the Hogs when this current roster was just toddling along or in kindergarten.

But what do you think? I am curious to know.