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Countdown to kickoff: 40 days

Another Monday, another unoccupied jersey number

Less than six weeks away from kickoff now, our countdown to the season continues with a look at famous No. 40s.

Unfortunately, there aren't any -- at least not for the football team -- and the jersey No. 40 is one of 13 empties on this year's roster (yet there are 17 duplicates -- go figure).

Unconfirmed reports which I have just made up say Kody Walker ditched the No. 40 not because his new no. 24 is sleeker and more aerodynamic, and therefore more representative of his new scatback identity, but because he got a look at the Nos. 40 who came before him.

See how many you remember:

2010: K Eduardo Camara & LB Michael Villegas

2009: TE Joseph Henry

2008: Henry & LB Joseph Minde

2007: LB Tim Dial

2006: LB Adrian Davis

2005: DE Donovan Johnson

2004: Johnson & K Jeremy Davis

2003: FB Michael Solano

2002: LB Marcus Whitmore

A fine collection of young men (probably), but not exactly a who's who in the annals of Arkansas football -- although I do think Adrian Davis became a Bednarik Award candidate on one of my XBox dynasties.

Finally, in 2001, we come to a legitimate standout in Jermaine Petty, a three-year letterman who, as a 260-pound linebacker, led the SEC in tackles during his senior season.

Other notable 40s:

Arkansas 40, Tulsa 7

This game, played November 26, 1949, is apparently the last time the Hogs scored exactly 40 points in a game -- at least if my hours of thorough research 45 minutes spent combing is proven reliable. The win, which was played in front of a Fayetteville crowd of 10,000, closed out a 5-5 season for Coach John Barnhill's Hogs. Perhaps we should forgive the scant attendance, though. Fans were likely soured by the previous week's 20-0 loss to William & Mary (seriously, them again).

40th game

Taking the field for the 40th time, the Hogs were humbled in a 10-5 loss to Springfield Normal College on Oct. 10, 1903. It kicked off a run of three games in seven days for Arkansas, including a 17-6 loss to Missouri Science & Technology and a 10-6 win over Drury. Take heart, though. The '03 team rebounded to knock off Fort Smith High School 17-9 and Oklahoma 12-0 -- which to me translates as 7A-Central > Big 12.

40th win

For a happier result, we look to the Hogs' 40th victory in program history, a 73-0 shellacking of Ouachita Baptist on Nov. 21, 1908, Hugo Bezdek's first season as coach. Surprisingly, the whitewashing did little to prepare us for the next Tigers on the schedule, and LSU took a 34-6 win the next week in the season finale.

40 Minutes of Hell

Because it should be brought up at every possible opportunity. A nice recap of the team and the 1993-94 season can be found here.