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Arkansas Football Countdown: 60 Days- Seth Oxner

We're getting there

When you hear about a guy being named to the All-State football team, with an outstanding high school basketball career, complete with a State Championship in track and field, 6-4, 315 lb center Seth Oxner is probably the last person to come to mind.

The Monticello native came to Arkansas in 2007 and red-shirted behind Rimington Award winning center Jonathon Luigs for two seasons before filling his shoes exceptionally well in 2009. He was the centerpiece of an offensive front that blocked for the SEC's top scoring and passing offense.

Oxner transferred home to the University of Arkansas-Monticello after graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Applied Exercise Science, where he played his last eligible season with the Boll Weevils.

He was named Director of Performance Training for Enhancing Sport Performance (ESP), a program for young athletes to, well, enhance their sport performance. For more info on the program, visit their website at

See you in 60 days.