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Arkansas Football Countdown: 44 Days - Robert Atiga

Arkansas' turn at SEC Media Days is over. Now there's nothing left until actual football.

Wesley Hitt

At 6-3, 234 lbs, Robert Atiga has the size to make a difference in the linebacker corp. The linebacker position is thin and Atiga has a chance to make the most out of his senior season.

Atiga came to Arkansas from a JUCO school. He did not see any playing time last year except for the scout team. This year will be his last to shine. He ended spring practices on the second team behind Daunte Carr. Atiga should see plenty of action in his final season.

So I just googled "Arkansas Razorback Football 44" and this is what I got. It is basically Tyler WIlson and Knile Davis crushing everyone who works at ESPN in flag football. Honestly, I think that should have counted as another win for the 2012 season. I mean they crushed them and it wasn't really even that close.

I also love this picture of former #44 Van Stumon running over some poor little Auburn guy. I am pretty sure I know what the Auburn guy is thinking and it is not good.

Don't worry people. In 44 more days there will actually be something fun to do on Saturdays.