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45 days left: Myke Tavarres

It's coming.


My first JUCO transfer of the countdown, Myke Tavarres is an interesting subject to talk about with this Razorback football team. On a defense with a dynamic front four and a questionable back 7, Myke brings some JUCO experience to the linebacking corp at Arkansas. At 6' 2", 218 lbs, Myke is a little bit smaller than anyone you currently see on the Razorback depth chart. He's going to need to put in full time in the weight room this summer to crack the gameday rotation, but we should expect to see him make plays on special teams. He has been clocked as having 4.4 speed, and used that to great advantage, being a two-time all-conference selection at College of the Siskiyous.

Myke has a long way to go to learn the fundamentals he needs at this level. But he's coachable and he works hard.

Arkansas Defensive Coordinator, Chris Ash

As with every JUCO, it's hopeful that Tavarres will be able to make an impact quickly, and we look forward to seeing him in the fall.