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Arkansas Football Countdown: 46 Days- Alex Voelzke

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Ladies and germs, only a month and a half separates us from Saturday football. With 46 days to go, today's Hog is redshirt sophomore tight end Alex Voelzke, a 6-6, 220 lb stud from Longview, Texas.

Voelzke was a two-way player at Spring Hill High School, where he gained 220 yards on 18 receptions and scored 8 touchdowns, and turned around as a defensive end/line backer making 87 tackles, 3 sacks and one interception that was returned for a touchdown.

His career as a Razorback has been spent on the offensive side, so far, and as a redshirt freshman he made appearances in all 12 games where he caught two passes for 28 yards, the first was a touchdown against Ole Miss.

Where Voelzke can excel on the field this year, he has been spectacular in the classroom. After being named to the Athletic Director's list in 2011, he made the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll in 2012. All while majoring in industrial engineering, a bold feat in itself.

See you in 46 days.