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47 days: This Space Available

It's starting to get real, y'all

Wow. We're already midway through July. Next thing you know, it's August. August means camp opens, and before we even get to September this year, Arkansas will have the chance to be 1-0 somewhere other than @bretbielema's Twitter feed.

We're 47 days away now from the Aug. 31 kickoff with Louisiana-Lafayette, and our countdown continues with an un-sexy number often occupied by punters and fullbacks, most recently held by a back-up placekicker (Cameron Bryan) and a reserve linebacker (Matt Marshall). Here's hoping the new No. 47 (uneducated guess: incoming freshman LB Brooks Ellis) sees a little more on-field impact than they did. **Update: Incoming JUCO LB Martrell Spaight will get No. 47 this season.**

While we wait for that, a few more 47s of significance in Arkansas lore:

The 1947 Cotton Bowl

Arkansas preserved a 0-0 tie with favored LSU thanks to a goal line stand by Clyde "Smackover" Scott and the Razorback defense. Scott, who overcame his Louisiana birthplace to call Smackover, AR home, was a three-time All-SWC selection as a two-way standout for Arkansas, an Olympic silver medalist in the 110 hurdles, a first-round pick in the NFL draft, a damn handsome individual, and was from Smackover. Also, he was from Smackover, the Land of Milk, Honey, Crude Oil and hilarious Bloggers.

1947 Season

Arkansas finished 6-4-1 (sign me up!) with a win over 14th-ranked William & Mary -- yep -- in the Dixie Bowl.

Nathan Norman

The most No. 47'est player I can think of. Norman came to Arkansas as a fullback in the waning stages of the Danny Ford era and plowed through defenses as a lead blocker on Houston Nutt's first two teams. Not at all glamorous, but he got the job done. Also a two-time All SEC Academic Pick.

Arkansas 47, Texas A&M 19

Final score in 2009, when the Liberty Bowl-bound Hogs came back from an early 10-0 deficit and took the 3-0 Aggies to the woodshed. Then-sophomore Ryan Mallett threw for 271 yards and 4 TDs and Ronnie Wingo teased us with tantalizing speed when he broke loose on a 62-yard touchdown late in the game.

Over/under for the ULL game, 47.5

Actually, I'm just making that up. But it feels right. Most everyone expects the Arkansas defense to be improved, but the Cajuns are going to try to lengthen the game with their hurry-up offense. The Hogs are a 14-point favorite, so something in the neighborhood of 31-17 seems reasonable to me. Based on this Very Serious and Not-At-All-From-The-Hip Reasoning, I'll lay the points and take the over. Pigs better have my money.