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Give Me A Running Back From Not That Long Ago

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Playing what-if with Arkansas's running back situation

Cary Emondson-US PRESSWIRE

This week's poll question gets its inspiration from the last poll to appear on the site, the one that asked if Michael Dyer should be allowed to walk-on as a running back at Arkansas. This question brought out the voters, for we have had 1,296 of you vote on this question. That is one of the highest, if not the highest, vote totals I've seen on here! Seventy-two percent of you made your voice heard in favor of giving Dyer a chance at Arkansas. Dyer is controversial. But what if you could go back in time and pull one of our more famous recent running backs, at their peak, off a past team and insert him into the lineup for the upcoming fall campaign? Which player would you choose?

As you ponder this, keep in mind the current lineup of backs for the fall. Which running back from the past would be the best edition to what we have now in the backfield. Now includes Jonathan Williams, Alex Collins (to be added), Kiero Small, Nate Holmes, and Kody Walker.

My pick. Hmm. Really, any of them would be great. But if I had to pick just one running back to put on the 2013 squad, I would choose (the obvious choice, I think) two time Doak Walker award winner, Darren McFadden. The threat of the breakaway touchdown run was always there with McFadden. Just imagine McFadden running behind Keiro Small! And, yeah, I have some nostalgia for the wildcat or wildhog of days past. But that is me. I look forward to see what you think.