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52 Days and #52 - Austin Jones

From Air Force to Arkansas

Wesley Hitt

Austin Jones has a really interesting story. He racked up a ton of tackles for his High School team, but did not receive a lot of national recruiting attention. He spent the 2009 season at the Air Force Academy, and then transferred to Arkansas following that season. Why Arkansas? His father worked for KNWA and he came for a visit, walked on at Arkansas, and "the rest", he says, "is history".

Austin has spent most of his time on the scout team at Arkansas and saw action in 2 games last season on special teams. He recorded a tackle in the ULM game, which when I first read that, I was surprised because I don't remember any tackles from that game, and he also saw some action in the Alabama game.

After a good spring this year, Austin has been placed at #2 Sam Linebacker on the depth chart behind Braylon Mitchell.

"I've never played linebacker in a game", said Jones, but it's a clean slate with a new coaching staff, and though some of the pieces from last season may be back, it's a brand new team with a new outlook. Here's to hoping the Austin Jones story just gets more interesting.