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66 Days

Almost in the 2 month range

Wesley Hitt

It's 66 Days until the start of the Razorback Football Season. In honor of the sixes, I'm going to count down the 6 reasons why I can't wait to start the season, and the 6 reasons I'm okay with it being over 2 months until the start. I'll start at number 6 and work my way down saying why I can't wait first and then why I can wait.

#6 - Facebook Posts about the game - I can't WAIT for the road games to read all of the posts people put on Facebook during a game. So many friends have tons of posts like "Right now HOGS! DO IT!" and "TOUCHDOWN ARKANSAS!!!!! OH MY! WPS"

#6 - Facebook Posts about the game - I like the ones above, I hate the ones like "There goes the season" and "Why do I even watch these games" and I'm sure I'll see this one during that 4 game stretch in the middle of the season "Bret Beilema [sic-because you know it will be mispelled] should go back to Wisconsin"

#5 - First Game of the Season - It's the first game of a new season, with a new team, and a new coaching staff. I can't wait to see how the fans and the players respond. I'm pretty excited to get the Bret Bielema era underway.

#5 - First Game of the Season - I'm nervous. ULL is not a bad team. I really don't think I can take two season in a row of losing to teams from Louisiana not named LSU. We're an untested team that will be playing against a very hungry team. i hope I'm more nervous than I should be.

#4 - Saturday Mornings - College Gameday is on TV and I always enjoy seeing what the campus looks like and what Corso is going to wear or do. It's one of my favorite things about College Football.

#4 - Saturday Mornings - I bought a house this year, and I'm not looking forward to mowing the lawn... especially if I get up late and I'm doing it while College Gameday is on...

#3 - Texas A&M Coming to Fayetteville - It's been 23 years since Texas A&M played a game in Fayetteville. It will be nice to have an old SWC opponent in Razorback Stadium

#3 - Texas A&M Coming to Fayetteville - 58-10 last year. Plus it's right at the start of that murderers row of TAMU, Florida, SCar, and Bama. We could be 4-0 going into that game and be in for a rude awakening

#2 - Screaming and Cheering and Calling the Hogs - I'm a loud proud Razorback fan, and I won't let anyone around me at the games forget it.

#2 - Screaming and Cheering and Calling the Hogs - I'm going to be sore on Sundays.

#1 - All of the Returning Razorback Players - I'm excited an happy for them. Every player on this team has got to be excited for this season and has to have a little renewed hope compared to the way they felt last season. This post takes special note of #66 Adam Deacon who has been a scout player for the last 2 seasons. Even on the scout team, he must've been feeling how bad those games were last fall turn into excitement for this season.

#1 - All of the Razorback Players Leaving - It's always hard to say goodbye. The senior class that just left gave us so much joy for 3 of their 4 years. It's really hard to know that they won't be there this Fall. They were one of my favorite classes at the University, and I think they still played hard at the end last season even with everything falling around them.