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Arkansas Football Countdown: 70 Days - Chris Stringer

10 weeks from today...

Stringer's twitter avi /

You see Chris Stringer running through smoke to run through the A before a game, and that's something you probably won't see again as long as Bret Bielema is at the helm of the program - the smoke part, anyway. You may remember Bielema stating after the spring game that he's "never been a big smoke guy...running out through smoke has never been high on my priority."

But you will see Stringer on the field this fall. Among the biggest players on the team at 6'7" and 318 lbs, he's listed as the backup right tackle on the post-spring depth chart.

Stringer came to Arkansas via juco transfer from Citrus College in 2011. He played in the first three games that season before suffering an injury, but did receive a medical redshirt, which is why he's listed as a junior going into this season. He played in 11 games in 2012, mainly on special teams. But he saw significant minutes in this year's spring game with the regular offense on the second team, and we suspect we'll see him in a similar role this fall.

Also, he's a history major, which The Wife (a history grad student) would very much like for me to share.